Entry #2

Empty Promises

2012-08-30 09:45:57 by GoatmanGADs

A couple years ago I promised more content from myself onto this wonderful place we call newgrounds. Those promises went unfulfilled and even though I'm sure maybe only 2 people will see this, I feel the need to apologize. I scrambled to graduate art school, and then immediately employed myself at a startup video game company. So basically like many humans I became more busy than I desired. I got to meet Tom Fulp at PAX howeevr and my love for newgrounds and it's influences have never subsided. I still wish to put some content up here one day assuming I get some room to breathe...

-Thank you non-existent fans

Empty Promises


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2014-08-12 16:10:06

If only two people saw this, one of them was me! And two years after you posted it. Shark Bat is going out in our Throwback Thursday post and it happens to be Shark Week... Did you have Shark Week on the mind in 2009 when you made it?

(Updated ) GoatmanGADs responds:

I completely have been neglecting a message from the actual Fulp himself. I probably was thinking about sharkweek indeed the night I made Sharkbat, thanks for the Throwback Thursday!